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Dear Visitor,

Welcome on my homepage.

My name is Christina Markó. I was born in Budapest where is still live. After being graduated in architecture at University YBL MIKLÓS in Budapest, I have been continuing several studies in fine arts.

I am making articles by my hand, using exclusively natural material like wood, rattan, porcelain, papier-maché and natural fabrics.

It means that my products are handcrafted eco gifts and should be adequate for eco conscious interested people.

Among my articles can be found models of famous buildings, like mediveal castles, decoration for children’s room, toys- and articles of consumption, like candlesticks, small woven cupboards, shelves, boxes, jewel-caskets.

Please have a look at the pictures, where you can see some of the assortment of my works.

Time by time I do change some of the photos to show you new ones of my production. You can order the articles.

For further information get in touch with me on the contact page.